Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, and Side Effects of Taking too much Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of apple cider vinegar gummies

Below are all the health benefits of drinking and eating apple cider vinegar. Drinking Apple cider vinegar provides lots of health benefits for the body, but we have to admit that the taste is awful. Therefore, eating apple cider vinegar gummy not only provides you the same benefit as ACV but also gives you a chewable, great taste of it.


Fresh apple for making vegepower apple cider vinegar gummies


1.Lowering cholesterol and reducing heart disease risk

Lipids are fatty substances in the body. There are “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol. High levels of specific lipids in the blood can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Study shows that drinking apple cider vinegar helps lower the level of blood lipids which damage health. Such as triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein( LDL) cholesterol which is normally called “bad cholesterol”.


2. Lower blood sugar levels and manage diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by high sugar levels caused by insulin resistance or the body cannot produce enough insulin. The best way to regulate blood sugar levels is to avoid eating refined carbs and sugar, but apple cider vinegar helps as well. The beneficial effect shows that apple cider vinegar helps improving insulin sensitivity and to help lower blood sugar responses after meals.


Apple cider vinegar lower blood sugar levels.


3.Help kill harmful bacteria

We all know that vinegar helps to kill bacteria or viruses because people traditionally used vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting. The main substance in vinegar which is acetic acid kills all harmful bacteria. Therefore, some people state that apple cider vinegar also affects to kill harmful bacteria.


4.Weight management

Research shows vinegar helps people lose weight. Because vinegar increases the feeling of fullness, which will lead you to a decreased appetite and then lose weight. A study indicates that people who are overweight reduced belly fat and weight loss when consuming apple cider vinegar daily. But simply just adding some apple cider vinegar in the diet would not change much. You should also change the entire diet and lifestyle to have a long-term weight loss.


5.Reducing blood pressure

One small animal study involved feeding either ACV or acetic acid to rates with high blood pressure. When comparing to other rats, the rates which using ACV or acetic acid show significant reductions in blood pressure. So, apple cider vinegar might helps reducing blood pressure.

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Risks and side effects

Normally, apple cider vinegar is safe when taking a moderate amount. However, as an acid, it might not suitable for people who have a history or re-flux and ulcers. Also, taking a large amount of vinegar will cause stomach discomfort and injury to the throat. Most of the evidence for ACV side effects come from individual case reports rather than well-controlled clinical trials. Doctors cannot make sure which side effects a person might get. Therefore, it is important to start a small dosage first and checking all the side effects. People with chronic health conditions should ask a doctor first before trying ACV.


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